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Exposes and Exhibitions


Opportunities to show (and hopefully sell) at non-art alternative venues are becoming increasingly attractive fore artists who are just starting out or who otherwise have not been able to get much quality exposure. Malbec Argentine Steakhouse has increasingly realized the benefits of displaying art, not only as a potential profi t source but also in terms of enhancing and beautifying our space and attracting new people who would never otherwise visit. Our venue will present and showcase your artwork on a consistent calendar presenting quality work and garnering a reputation in our local art communities.

Your followers get a chance to see how your art might look in their homes or offices. As for the intangible benefits, people can see that you’re actively getting your art out in front of the public, that businesses think your art is good enough to show, and that you’re serious about becoming an artist and getting exposure for your work. Every show you get, regardless of where you get it, is a line on your resume. Frequency or exposure, whether online or at your venue, especially early on in your career, is key to getting the word out about your art.

Malbec will prominently feature your artwork, either by labels next to your art, on our website, in email announcements and by allowing you to provide business cards, brochures, your resume, or other forms of contact information at our Host Reception area and/or in a well-trafficked public area.

Malbec Argentine Steakhouse will also provide as part of our artist expose and exhibition a reception or opening to celebrate the installation of your art. An event like this will not only give you a chance to post images of people admiring your work in elegant surroundings, but it will also exposes our restaurant to new people as well. Everybody wins! It will also make clear to everyone attending that your artwork is available for sale and is more than just restaurant decor.

For additional information and details on our Artist Expose and Exhibition art installations and arrangements please contact us directly at 202-232-0437 and/or via email at

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